All from one source, for the good of the patient


Den kliniske pasientsituasjonen kan reproduseres 1: 1 i Intellident sine produksjonslokaler i Oslo sentrum. Alle data kan overføres fra den analoge til den digitale verden uten tap av informasjon, for 100% tilpassede restaureringer.

Capturing the occlusion plane with the PlaneSystem® (MDT Udo Plaster); 3D virtual reproduction of the patient’s face through the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner.

Digital acquisition of the situation via intraoral, impression or model scans.

All acquired data are transferred 1:1 into the scan software with no loss of information and matched with the facial scans for articulation according to the correct parameters.

Based on the digitally recorded patient data, set-ups are created for a first evaluation of aesthetic and

The resin prototypes for immediate loading are designed and milled.

Checking the virtually articulated situation in the physical articulator through a milled customised positioning pattern (JawPositioner).

Delivery of the surgical guides, the immediate restorations and the model to the dentist for insertion into the patient’s mouth.

Based on the digitally recorded patient data, set-ups are created for a first evaluation of aesthetic and function.

Our implant prosthetics components are available for more than 100 implant systems and are 100 % integrated into Zirkonzahn’s workflow and software via corresponding libraries. Our implant abutments are warrantied up to 30 years, including the implants from other manufacturers used with Zirkonzahn implant abutments.

Determination of the implant positions by the dentist, taking bone density, function and aesthetic into account (“backward planning”).

Digital design of surgical guides, models and immediate restorations based on the defined implant positions.

Milling the various components with one of Zirkonzahn’s milling units in the corresponding material blanks (e.g. transparent resin for surgical guides).

The physical models are provided with ScanAnalogs (which reproduce the implant positions), to check the fit of the surgical guides and the restorations.

Digital adustment of the final prostheses based on the functionalised prototypes. A further resin prototype can be produced before the final restorations.

The zirconia restoration is milled with precision in the Zirkonzahn’s milling unit, manually characterised (depending of the material) and sintered.

Individual characterisation of the prostheses and delivery to the dentist.

The final Prettau® Bridge made of Prettau® 2 zirconia in situ: the patient is provided with a durable, highly aesthetic tooth restoration.


Our workflow is constantly developed by our team of dental technicians following a practical and result-oriented principle, to guarantee the greatest freedom of choice and processing – including manual and digital working steps. Complex technological processes are designed in a comprehensive and transparent way: the different software programmes with the corresponding modules are not only matched to each other but also to the related hardware, materials and implant prosthetics components. High planning security, predictability and reproducible aesthetic results are some of the benefits that dental technicians and dentists can get from our workflow, to boost their collaboration and improve the patients’ satisfaction!

With the JawPositioner we are the only ones who provide the missing piece of puzzle for the transmission of virtually articulated models into the physical articulator in their natural position, for a manual check and adjustment. By means of a second digitisation, the modified situation is reloaded into the software and finally milled with a Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM milling unit.